Advisors and Funding


Consultants and Advisors

David Jackson, Chartered Accountant (Retd)

Prof Geoff Turner, PhD, MBA, BA (Acctcy), CMA

James Dixon, M.St in Community Enterprise (Cantab), Dip.M.  Social Enterprise Practitioner

Kathleen Trigg, Business Analyst

Lauren Hannon B Sc, Multimedia Consultant, Moomedia

Loïs Acton, Television Producer and Director, Founder of Urban Unlimited

Dr Philip Timms, Psychiatrist

Richard Gordon BSc, Multimedia Consultant, Moomedia

Dr Steve Hazell, Pathologist

Stony Grunow, Third Sector IT

Paul McCourt, IT Consultant


Good4you and its research has been funded, directly and indirectly, by: 
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Channel 4 Television
Dr Steve Hazell
The Charities Advisory Trust
Groundswell UK
St Mungo's
Access to Volunteering
Crew Tilers
Mr Johan Kriek
Mr James Nichols
Mr Richard Harrison
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund
The Odin Charitable Trust
R S Brownless Charitable Trust
The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust
Marsh Christian Trust
The St John Southworth Fund
The Co-operative Community Fund
HMRC through Gift Aid
The National Lottery through Awards for All
The National Lottery through BIG Lottery Fund (Reaching Communities).
Surrey Steels
Swift Computers
Pugh Computers
Mare Moto

We very gratefully acknowledge their help and support.



Good4you is a member of (or registered with) several organisations for the benefit of Charities.