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Freedom Pass Day

Good4You workshops for homeless people.

What is Freedom Pass Day?

‘Freedom Pass Day’ is the title of our disability workshops. On a typical freedom pass day we help disabled people who are homeless:

1. Apply for a freedom pass for disabled people

2. With  jobs for disabled people

3. With benefits for disabled people

Many disabled, homeless people do not know that they have a disability and many of those who do don’t know that they may qualify for a freedom pass. We run these events not only to make these people aware if they could qualify for a Freedom Pass, but also to ensure that their application has the best chance of success. We go through the forms with them and do our best to ensure that their application has as high a chance of possible of being accepted so that they may be given a Freedom Pass. We do this by explaining the requirements and legislation that is relevant towards their application, as well as filling in the forms for them. We also enlist the help of their G.P in getting them to prepare a medical report to help present a solid case.

An example of a Freedom Pass day took place on the 22nd of November (2011) at The Upper Room of Saint Saviour’s Church in Shepherd’s Bush*. We successfully ran this event and completed the necessary forms to give disabled people who are homeless a chance of receiving a Freedom Pass. We ran the event from 12:00 - 19:30 and a number of volunteers attended during the day to help. On the same afternoon there was a free English Language class for homeless immigrants. We managed to capture some great photographs as you can see below of some of our volunteers signing forms as well as a shot of the class being taught.


* - link to the St Saviour's Church website: