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Study Grants

24 September 2010

There is no point in boasting about the great things that one is going to do. A report on the small things one has done is far more valuable.

 Yesterday was a great and fantastic day for Good4you. Yesterday we did something useful. Yesterday we went down to LSBU (London South Bank University) and registered one of our volunteers as a student, and paid the required fees. The rest of this page retells the story in greater detail.


 Charity studies at LSBU

Yesterday 130 students registered for voluntary sector and charity courses at LSBU. That is more than at all other universities in the UK. Clearly, this makes LSBU one of the leaders in the field of charity education. One of the registering students that I met at the registration works for the London School of Economics (LSE), who were paying for his course in charity accounting – experts recognising greater expertise.

 Good4you stepped in among the leaders in the charity sector by joining a small band of charities who support education in our sector. The people we educate will spend a lifetime working in the charity sector and thus ploughing the cost of their education back into the charity sector.

 MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising

Chris , the Good4you candidate, registered for an MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising, which builds on the BA in Business Management that he already has. Chris came to Good4you as a volunteer, seeking work experience that would aid him in finding employment. We took him on as a fundraiser, and he helped to organise our very successful “Weekend Workshop on Disability” fundraising event, during which Good4you helped Kenny Herriot to become the first person to ascend Scafell Pike (the highest mountain in England) in a wheelchair. Chris also helped to organise our “Disabled Across Britain” event, in which Caspar, aged 75, walked right across Great Britain, from coast to coast, in order to demonstrate that some people, at 75, are not disabled. The point is that elderly people are not normally considered disabled – their impairments are considered normal, and so are they. Many elderly people are disabled by impairments like alzheimers, heart disease, arthritis, etc.

 Our plan with Chris is that he will continue with us as a volunteer trainee fundraiser until we can financially afford to move him into an apprenticeship in which he is paid a salary while he works as a fundraiser and studies toward his MSc at night school. Our hope is that as he generates income for Good4you in his capacity as fundraiser we will become able to pay his salary.

 The Good4you Study Grants Program

Chris is one of the beneficiaries of the Good4you scholarship program. Our scholarships are available for:

  1. Volunteers at Good4you
  2. Employees and directors of Good4you
  3. Disabled people
  4. Homeless people
  5. Qualifications as Professional Fundraisers at the Institute of Fundraisers
  6. A post graduate degree in Disability Studies
  7. A post graduate degree in charity management, charity accounting, charity performance management and measurement, fundraising, governance, fund management and investment, or related studies.
  8. Post graduate degrees cover masters and doctoral degrees

 Beneficiaries of the Study Grants Program

  1. Francois Greeff (our CEO) was the first person in the program. He went to night school at London Guildhall University while he was homeless and sleeping on Hampstead Heath. By day he wrote a book on the computers provided in day centres for homeless people. When the book was published in 2003 Channel Four Television paid for him to do a masters degree in corporate governance. Groundswell UK, St Mungos, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Charities Advisory Trust contributed to his education by providing funds to cover expenses, research costs and accommodation in Halls of Residence. Francois has registered as a student at the Edinburgh Business School, Herriot Watt University, where he intends doing doctoral research into performance measurement in disability charities.
  2. Chris, a Good4you volunteer, registered for an MSc in Charity Marketing and Fundraising, which builds on the BA in Business Management that he already has.
  3. Other volunteers at Good4you have applied for grants.

 Good4you tries to bring and keep the grant recipients into our employ so that the benefit of their education may be enjoyed by Good4you too. It makes good sense to increase the skills base at Good4you through education.

 Funding a student.

There are few thing that are more satisfying than knowing that “I paid for a disabled person to get through University”. My cousin made it his hobby and so far he has paid for 18 people to go through University.

 If you and your friends (individually or as a group) want to sponsor a disabled student, please phone Good4you. There are three packages you can take:

  1. £2,500 to fund a qualification with the Institute of Fundraising
  2. £5,000 to fund a masters degree or a year of doctoral study
  3. £25,000 to fund the first year’s salary of a post graduate night school student who works for Good4you.


Both packages can be funded by a group of friends (or a church home group) in an informal syndicate. All donations attract financial support from the government in the form of tax benefits (Gift Aid, Payroll Giving, a waiver of Capital Gains Tax, etc).

 Please forward this information to your friends and invite them to help you sponsor a disabled student.



  1. Chris’ course.
  1. Other courses
    (Chris registered for the course at 3b)
  1. Centre for Government & Charity Management.
  2. Francois’ masters degree dissertation, Governance and Disabled people who are Homeless, showed that more than half of homeless people are disabled, and that neither the government nor any charity has recognised that disabled people are homeless.