Case Studies

The following are some of the larger cases in which Good4you is currently undertaking:

Case Study 1 - A few months back Sophia came to Good4you due to her being unemployed and finding it difficult to find accommodation. She had recently been fired from her job as a cleaner due to her employer claiming that she had stolen from her workplace. What Sophia had actually done is a completely different story. At her workplace she is allowed to have lunch, all she had done is taken the lunch and placed it in her bag for she was busy working during that lunchtime. Then she had simply eaten her lunch when she was off duty. While Good4you worked on her case we discovered a very interesting fact. Rather than Sophia stealing from her employer, her employer was actually stealing from her as well as her co-workers. The employer was taking two pounds from them each hour by paying them almost 33% below what UK legislation has declared the bare minimum for workers. So now Good4you is busy with the courts trying to see to it that the law is enforced and those stolen from are compensated.

Case Study 2 - Laura came to Good4you after being taken to court and being unable to go there. Her problem was after being taken to an employment tribunal she couldn't afford to get a lawyer as there is no longer legal aid available. She couldn't herself go for she found herself suffering from mental disability and depression thus not having the capability to go as a litigate in person. Now Good4you is busy trying to convince the appropriate authorities to provide the required lawyer to support and protect the rights of one who is incapable of doing so herself.

Case Study 3 - Recently Mary, a student, came to Good4you due to her having achieved three B's in her A-levels and the university Mary wished to apply for had the requirement of two A's and a B. The problem was that Mary's doctors had only discovered after her taking the exam that she was suffering from severe depression and had been suffering for a long time. Had the Doctors discovered this a few weeks before then Mary would have been given extra time in her exams to compensate for her disability. However as this was discovered afterwards, the school refused to compensate Mary. So after Good4you appealed with the school who refused our case we took it to the exams boards who claimed that they cannot make a retrospective adjustment. Finding this flaw in the educational system we took it to Ofqual with whom we are currently in talks with to find a solution to this, up until now, overlooked problem.

All names used above are inventions and any similarities are purely coincidental.