We have a number of 9 to 5 full time volunteer opportunities. Flexitime is available. They are:

  1. One position for an event co-ordinator.
  2. Several positions for a trainee fundraiser or fundraiser.
  3. One position for a media and communications officer, including web site management, and creating YouTube videos.
  4. One personal assistant to a disabled person.
  5. Several positions for the running and organizing of our charity shop.

  Good4you is very keen to create volunteer opportunities for disabled people who are not in wheelchairs (only 8% of disabled people are in a wheelchair). Good4you has a bursary scheme for our disabled graduate volunteers to do a masters degree. Details on application. We prefer volunteers who have unseen disabilities (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc) but we do not discriminate against people who are not disabled. Anyone who would like to volunteer is most welcome.

 To volunteer:

Please phone us on - 020 8123 4224.

Or alternatively send us an e-mail at - Francois.Greeff@Good4You.org.uk